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"I just wanted to thank you for all the help with my pond and for delivering all my fish. they all seem to be very healthy by the amount that comes up to the surface for feeding. Kenya did a outstanding job delivering the fish testing my water to make sure it was compatible. It was very easy working and listening to you guys which made it all the better. You are a very reputable person and your assistant with you that day was too. I couldnt be more happy."
U -GySgt Chris Keisler, Maple Hill,NC

"I wanted to thank you for the fish delivery on the 19th. Your 2 gentlemen were very courteous and educational. I found the whole process easy and enjoyable with you all. I look forward to receiving our fall order of bass and catfish from you guys in the fall."
-GySgt Frank Ashworth, Jacksonville, NC

"We purchased some grass carp from you at the Tractor Supply in Greenville on 05/26/07. We did as you directed and let the bags float for about 10-15 minutes man were them fish happy when we let them out. I waited a couple hours and rode the boat around and they all seem to be doing good accept the one that the Bass ate."
-Bobby Mills, Farmville, NC

The fish worked out great -- at least I think they did! All were transported and releasd within about 45 minutes. You are one hard-working guy and are providing a real service to everyone. We didn't really get a chance to meet but I wanted to at least say thank you. See you next Spring for those 50 largemouth bass.
-Brad Lucas

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